Sneaking in under the wire

Some folks try to blog every day, my personal goal at the moment is to blog once a month.  I’m not into setting unachievable personal goals these days.  At close to 40, I think I am finally starting to recognize my limitations.

Both kids are happily (and I use that word loosely) ensconced at school.  A was so traumatized the first week because of her lack of handraising skills that she now has veered in the other direction and refuses to speak in class.  Even at snack.  She has, however, discovered a love of the swings, and swings and swings and swings at any given opportunity to visit the playground.

C has, at long last, started to find his people.  The non-sporty, would rather memorize 2,000 facts about some arcane subject rather than touch a ball of any kind people.  He can be found huddled on a bench with a group of three boys every recess, and comes home spouting random knowledge such as how many different Pokemons there are, or quizzing me on the periodic table of the elements.  I applaud their equal opportunity approach to knowledge, it will serve them well someday.  One day a week he heads to the intermediate school for a day long program where he is finally challenged academically, and it has made a huge difference in his interest in actual completing his school work.  Not to jinx myself, but we are one month into school and I have yet to get the email/phone call from the teacher anxious to discuss with me how exactly she is supposed to get my child to complete his classwork.  Now if only they also taught him organizational skills, he has already reached his yearly limit of return trips to school to pick up some forgotten item.

The dog is, well, a dog.  He is currently trying to dig a hole through my kitchen floor, and I am ignoring the behavior.  Which I know I will regret in five years when I actually have a floor in here that I care about, but much like when my kids were little, I am taking what little peace I find, consequences be damned.

I have not knit.  I have not written anything beyond this blog post.  I have vaguely made an attempt to keep up on laundry, and I spent 2 days cooking and freezing food so I wouldn’t have to be bothered to cook again until December sometime.  Vegetarian tamale pie anyone?

How are things by all of you??