The Knitting Gods See All

I have been working on the scarf that will never end.  I was unsure about the colors at the beginning, but decided to give it some time.  Now that I am halfway through, however, I have decided that they really don’t work.  But, because I am WAY behind in my holiday knitting, some unlucky teacher will be getting the scarf anyway because if I rip it out I will be so far behind that I will never catch up.  I keep telling myself that once it is blocked, it will look great.  Because blocking can cure anything, right?

When M called to check in tonight, however, I left my knitting unattended on the couch with the dog asleep in the corner.  I answered the phone, walked back into the family room, and found the dog with yarn trailing from his mouth, and my only size 4 needles snapped in half.  Clearly the Knitting Gods disapprove of my decision to continue knitting the color challenged scarf.

So, while I wait for time to get another pair of size 4 needles, shall I do yet another Just Enough Ruffles scarf?  Or should I branch back out and start a Brattleboro Hat?


My favorite time of the year

We are entering my FAVORITE time of the year, the time where all good travel plans get destroyed by one illness or another.  And I know we are good and screwed because we are traveling elsewhere for every. single. holiday.  You name the day off from school between now and the end of June and we have tickets or a long car trip planned.  So, in preparation, I have laid in the supplies needed to carry us from now until June in style.  Do you think it will work?  I have my doubts since A started her pre-illness meltdown this evening, but perhaps it will be a quick one as opposed to the two-week stomach bug that turned out to be a parasite, or the 10-day unexplained fever.

While prepping in hopes of avoiding the holiday illness, I broke down and ordered Apple TV, and placed a nice big order at Webs (and yes, I know I have a closet full of yarn, but if I am going to spend the next month confined to the house watching Netflix on-demand, I need some new yarn to perk me up!).  I have laid in a supply of library books for the kids (God bless the 4-week loan period with online renewal and no limit on how many books can be checked out), and am contemplating one of these bread makers to replace the one that just croaked (1 lb loaves, good or bad, please discuss).  I feel like I have done everything I can to prepare for the inevitable onslaught of illness.

But M?  He just committed us to eternal damnation by announcing that in the last two weeks he has been ill and A has been ill, so clearly, we won’t get sick this holiday.

I think I may need to lay in a supply of wine as well.

Overheard at the Computer

C: “I am TRYING to enjoy my morning at the computer and SHE keeps BOTHERING me!  WHY can’t I have a little peace and quiet while I type, I ask you?”

Chichimama collapses on the floor laughing hysterically, as what goes around comes around apparently.