The Knitting Gods See All

I have been working on the scarf that will never end.  I was unsure about the colors at the beginning, but decided to give it some time.  Now that I am halfway through, however, I have decided that they really don’t work.  But, because I am WAY behind in my holiday knitting, some unlucky teacher will be getting the scarf anyway because if I rip it out I will be so far behind that I will never catch up.  I keep telling myself that once it is blocked, it will look great.  Because blocking can cure anything, right?

When M called to check in tonight, however, I left my knitting unattended on the couch with the dog asleep in the corner.  I answered the phone, walked back into the family room, and found the dog with yarn trailing from his mouth, and my only size 4 needles snapped in half.  Clearly the Knitting Gods disapprove of my decision to continue knitting the color challenged scarf.

So, while I wait for time to get another pair of size 4 needles, shall I do yet another Just Enough Ruffles scarf?  Or should I branch back out and start a Brattleboro Hat?



  1. Is this a gift, or for yourself?

    If gift, I vote scarf, because everyone can use another scarf, but not everyone is a hat person.

    If for yourself, I don’t know. There’s something about the hat’s construction that speaks to me.

    So now the knitting gods incarnate as canines? Interesting.

  2. I like that scarf! I may have to make one myself. I love knitting scarves but I never wear them, I have to give them away or they will just sit there in a pile somewhere.

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