An ! makes it happy! And fun!

I am well known among my colleagues and friends for my love of the exclamation mark.  Frequently, once I have eliminated most of the offenders in an email, I get a note back from the woman who will soon have my job that says “Better luck next time, still a few too many “!” !”  Today, C was asked to write a response to an article in class.  Here is what he posted:

The author used a lot of data. The data is useful because if there was no data we would not know anything about the article. The data really supports the authors point of view, which is that Phil is only 39% accurate at predicting the change of the season. The data shows that he is not accurate and more than ½ of the time he is wrong! Groundhog’s day is a fun celebration, but not mathematically accurate! Mother nature decides when the changes of the seasons will come!

Ah, it warms the heart!



  1. I am also a fan of the !! And I inherited my mother’s love of dashes. Long may the passage of punctuation habits from mother to child prosper!

  2. What is making that nifty gravatar for me? Very cool!

  3. I chose monsters as the gravatar theme for those who don’t have one loaded into wordpress…(I also love the …) (and the () )!

  4. C’s Nana also is known for too many !!!!!!s! However, I spend a lot of my editing time for others getting rid of (which get in the way of the main train of thought).

  5. I am overly fond of parenthesis. (Also semi-colons, but I find that easier to keep under wraps.)

  6. stozsc IMHO you’ve got the right anwser!


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