My baby is nine today.  Of course, as A points out, he is not really my baby, SHE is, and as C then retorted, SHE is almost 7 and not a baby either.  Sniff.  My baby is nine.

I went to find a picture of him to post, and realized that he wore the exact same shirt he is wearing today on his 8th birthday.  And on Christmas this year.  It didn’t surprise me at all, as he is a creature of habit and familiarity.  But I am going to have to make him change so I can keep the years straight when I am old and confused.

Nine.  I find that rather astounding.



  1. Laughing out loud — I also have the issue of finding it hard to date photos because the kids wear the same clothes for years.

    Happy birthday to C. and happy birth-day to you!

  2. Happy birthday, C! I’m laughing b/c I’m the one wearing the same clothes for years around here.

  3. Happy birthday to him!

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Gemma wears approximately four shirts, and she wore the same one for the first day of school two years out of three. I told her that this was a clever trick to play on her future befuddled mother, but she just laughed and chose it anyway. 🙂

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