Once Upon A Time

I went back through my archives this evening looking for a specific post, and got totally sucked into both the memory of what my life used to be like, and the startling revelation that once upon a time, I used to write.  Most of what I wrote, quite honestly, was navel-gazing drivel.  But, in amongst those posts were a few of which I was proud.

For the last two years I have been immersed in my “old” world, the world of (non-family related) budget management, board management, personnel management, and crisis management.  When I took on the job, I (rather stupidly, upon reflection) did not set up any consistent system for childcare or for “housecare.”  As a result, I tried to be a full-time, stay-at-home parent and a full-time, totally engaged leader/manager.  This system did not work very well for anyone.  On the upside, my kids have learned to make their own breakfast (put some pancakes in the microwave, heat for 1 minute, try to sneak maple syrup while mom catches up on overnight email), my husband has learned to do his own laundry (buy new undergarments before a business trip, make liberal use of the hotel dry cleaning service), and my dog has learned, well, he hasn’t really learned anything because he is a dog, and not a particularly smart one at that.  I  stopped exercising, put on a significant number of pounds, and became a huge fan of internet shopping for EVERYTHING, including coffee and toilet paper.

I was lucky in that, for the most part, I could schedule my own hours and do the work that needed to get done via email at 6 am or midnight.  I was able to schedule about 50% of the meetings I needed to have while the kids were at school, and another 25% were done via conference call once they were in bed (or, at least, watching their evening allotment of television).  But, there were still at least a day or two a week that I was unable to be home for bedtime, or that the kids were forced to miss an after school activity to spend some quality time together doing homework underneath a conference table.

In less than six weeks, I will be (for the most part) done with this particular job.  And, I have nothing lined up to take its place.  I have contemplated taking a different job, and I have contemplated spending a year doing nothing beyond knitting and watching daytime TV.  I have even contemplated becoming a gym rat and making a concerted, several hour a day commitment to losing weight.

Instead, I think I am going to spend a year writing.  And, contemplating my navel.  Do you think I should get it pierced?



  1. If you get it pierced it might get caught on your hand knit sweaters and snag them.

  2. It’s hard to be a working mom. Not that all moms aren’t working moms, but you know what I mean. If spending the next year knitting and raising the kids fills your heart, then go for it! We’ve been through some rough times this winter (hence the lack of blogging on my part-with any luck I’ll be back soon), and if I’ve learned anything from this, it is that you only get one life , and it’s a short one at that. So do what your heart tells you to do.

    And try not to snag yarn on any piercings 😉

  3. Yes, do what your heart says! As long as it’s a financially viable thing that your heart is saying 🙂

    I lean toward silver piercings, if you decide to go that route…

  4. Well, my heart actually told me to find a nice warm beach someplace and plop myself down with an umbrella drink :-), but my brain told me that that particular dream wasn’t a viable one. So they went with plan B.

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