Mid-October, Really?

I just realized that it is mid-October and I have yet to start on my holiday knitting.  Do you think this year’s batch of teachers would notice if they did not get a hand knit goodie?  I mean, just because there are now several teachers wandering around in lovely knitted goods that magically appeared during the holiday season, and just because A volunteered me to teach knitting for Colonial Day, perhaps the other teachers won’t know who knit them.  And really, how would they know, right?

Or should I go for the bulky knits this year?  Maybe a felted something, potholders?

I am headed off to assess the stash and start in on the family knitting while I contemplate my ability to complete a sweater, and American Girl winter wardrobe, four stockings (prior to the holidays), a scarf, a hat, and now, three+ additional knits…



  1. I never attempt holiday knits. It’s too stressful. And I have to believe that people would be understanding. But by all means, go for bulky or novelty-yarn or felted stuff if that appeals.

  2. Lol! You poor woman! I decided to not do holiday knitting because it is just setting myself up for failure. Heck I want to finish a sweater for my newborn and she is sabotaging me by crying every time I pick up the wip to knit a bit on it.

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