Some more house pics (progress is being made!)

Progress, very slow progress.



Random Bullets of “Hi there! Long time no see!”

  • You know how I was going to write this year?  Yeah.  Clearly not happening as I haven’t even made my goal of posting once a month.  Whoops!
  • But in my defense, my house currently looks like this: ImageImage
  • The only furniture in the downstairs of my house right now are three kitchen stools.  It’s been like this for almost a month, and there really isn’t an end in sight.  On Monday we are moving to Rebecca’s basement for a bit, while the floors get repaired and refinished.  I am looking forward to a couch and a table.  My kitchen counter, which has never been my favorite thing, is now really, really distasteful.  Especially since I am well aware that because of the unexpected additional expenses involved with the project, I won’t be replacing said counter anytime soon.
  • “What happened?” you ask.  Ah, you see, I was greedy.  I wanted to get rid of the ugly 70’s paneling in my family room.  And the nice contractor who lives around the block gave me a really good quote for removing it, so we said yes.  And then when he pulled the paneling off, he discovered that our frame had rotten through.  So we had to reframe the side of the house.  And rerun the dryer duct (the cause of the rotting).  And since the walls were now open, it seemed like the right time to update the electric and…and…and…M will never, ever listen to me the next time I tell him I want to do a minor little project.
  • It will be lovely when it is done.  Or so they tell me.