An article for my circa 2004-2008 blogging pals

For all of you who kept me sane when the kids were tiny…thanks ;-)!  Too bad we can’t figure out a way to keep it going while protecting the privacy of our tweens…because man.  It’s rough being the worst mother EVEAH.

Blogging Relieves Stress on New Mothers



  1. I sooooo hear you!

  2. Yeah, right back atcha! Darn these older kids and their privacy 🙂

  3. I was the worst mother before you! I think every generation thinks they will do better than their parents when raising children; they probably do. We try to learn from our parents’ mistakes, but children, unfortunately, do not see things that way. No matter how wonderful you are in your parenting, your children will, at times, think you are the worst of the worst, so cherish the times when they think you are the best of the best, because those moments do recur,…just not as often as they used to.

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