Overheard from Upstairs

Chichimama: “C, are you ready for me to go through your agenda and homework to make sure you got it all?”

C: “Stop treating me like a baby!”

Chichimama: “I am not treating you like a baby, but last week you either forgot to do or hand in 10 assignments, so I kind of feel like I need to work with you a bit on your organizational skills.”

C: “Fine.  Give me a minute to double check everything.”

20 minutes later…

Chichimama: “C, what’s going on???”

C: “I realized that I might not have been as diligent as I should have been about double checking everything…but I STILL don’t need your help.”

10 minutes later…

C: “OK!  I’m ready!!!”

Chichimama looks at one sheet of paper.  “Tell me about this.”

C: “Argh!  I forgot to do that too!”

Sigh.  Raising a organizationally-challenged preteen is harder than it looks.