Overheard Upstairs

C: “Cleaning is boring.”
Chichimama: “How do you think I spend a large portion of my time?”
C: “Having secret parties?”
Chichimama: “Secret parties would lead to more cleaning and why would I want to do that?”
C: “Don’t you have robots to do all that stuff?”
Chichimama: “Nope. I’m the robot.”
C: “Huh. Why would anyone want to grow up?”
Chichimama: “You don’t exactly get a choice my friend.”
C: “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.”
Chichimama: “Oh, no, growing up is not an optional activity in this family.”
C: “Argh.”


  1. My children think the work gets done by elves. But they are a little more accurate about how I spend my time generally — puttering on the Internet.

  2. Lol!!! I joke with my kids that from the second they go to school until about 2:45 I am having a wild party with out them. If only…..

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