Trying out the Wordpress App

Trying out the WordPress app so I can teach my parents how to use it. Because apparently when one retires, one goes on a grand adventure and wants to blog about it!


The Pleasure-Way, soon coming to a small town near you. California or bust!


Spam gone wild

So apparently emails headed to my blog account have been spam filtered to death over the last few months. So if you emailed me and I never got back to you, please try again. I’m behind in email, but only by a few days. Gah.

All Hail M

Who stayed up late and fixed my computer!

Unfortunately, I belatedly remembered that I had neglected to backup my bookmark files. Which contained all of the links to the online knitting patterns I like, including the ones I am in the middle of at the moment. It also contained all the things I was planning to purchase people for major gift-giving holidays over the next year. Gah.

As if my posting could get any less frequent…

My laptop seems to have croaked this evening. It is not an unexpected event as it has been limping along for days, to the point that I even backed up all my files over the weekend. Which, it turns out, was a good thing. M is going to try to salvage it tonight but I have my doubts. Not in him, but in the machine itself. And if my laptop is really kaput, my ability to blog will be even more hampered than it already is. You see, the kids have no idea that “mommy’s computer” can actually play PBS kids and Playhouse Disney. So when I sneak a few minutes to read emails or blogs, there is no clamoring for their turn. But if I try to sneak away to the office (where I am now), they immediately start begging.

Sigh. I was really hoping it would die closer to the holidays so I could ask Santa for one of these

For the blogliners

As part of my great summer organizational binge, I’m going to be fixing my labels over the next few days as, in case you hadn’t noticed, there is very little consistency (case and point, I currently have three different “meme” tags). I have no idea what that will do to bloglines, but if random posts from years ago start showing up, please excuse the mess.


Apparently, I haven’t posted in a week. Which has been pointed out to me by several folks. Yes, I’m still around, and no, nothing has happened. The weather has just been nice and I’ve been trying to tire the kids out by running them ragged around the neighborhood. I’ve also been trying to get the book fair at C’s school up and running. Man, do I hate the book fair. And not just because it is Day 1 of the fair and I have already spent $50…If anyone ever asks you to volunteer to work a shift at a book fair, please, please say yes. Do it for me, OK?

I’ll probably be MIA for another few days, at which point my volunteer duties for the year for both school and church are (almost) over and I can focus on things like blogging and knitting again.

See ya later alligators…


So I’ll be MIA for a while. After my whining that I wasn’t able to volunteer as much as I wanted at church, I somehow ended up a co-chair of a massive fundraising dinner, which is taking place on Friday. Clearly, I have left y’all out of the loop, because really, fundraising dinner planning is not really blog fodder. But as my life is now consumed by seating plans and late RSVP’s and writing fun, cheery write ups of gift baskets and silent auction donations (Are you planning a European vacation? Have you always wanted to visit South America? Well, now is your chance! With airfare climbing, take this opportunity to bid on two international round trip tickets. Start planning your next vacation today!), I’ll be nice and spare you the agonizing details of my life for the week.

But, for your amusement, I leave you with the following tidbit overheard from C…

C: “My thinking box is broken!”

Rebecca: “C, why don’t you think outside the box?”

C: “Um, I really like to think IN the box.”

M: “Never, ever say that in a job interview, OK?”


I’ve been neglecting my blog as of late (Hi, mom, we made it back from Florida just fine, no worries!). I don’t know why it is that I can’t quite commit to writing down the posts I have in my head. I think it is probably because I am a fundamentally lazy person. So, for example, on the plane ride back today, I composed several posts in my head, as my laptop was otherwise in use as a portable DVD player. But did I write them up when I got home? No, I did not. I did laundry, and went to Trader Joe’s, and watched American Idol. Because I couldn’t commit to writing about the problem with princesses or the amazing lack of parenting ability on display at an airport near you.

You should see my Blogger dashboard. Littered with half finished posts. The demise of the nap and the advent of the travel season has wreaked havoc on my ability to focus for more than a minute at a time. Plus, one can’t blog and knit at the same time, and I’ve sort of been on a knitting kick recently. Has anyone invented a really workable audio blogging device? Because I could chat your ear off while I knit…

Anyway, don’t mind me and my lack of content. One of these days I’ll commit to a blog post of consequence, or not…


Thanks to the geniuses at Haloscan, I was finally able to get my comments installed properly on an upgraded template. So don’t mind me while I play around with the layout for a few days…

NaBloPoMo No Mo

Tomorrow we are off to the wilds of lower New England to spend Thanksgiving with my dad and his family. His house is located in the middle of nowhere so I am fairly confident there won’t be a wireless signal and the wireless card M uses for work is not currently in residence. So I respectfully bow out. I could use one of those emailer services, but that feels sort of like cheating, and, it’s not like I really have anything interesting to say. In fact, I’m sort of relieved about the whole thing.

Now I just have to figure out which holiday projects I am shleping up with me. Perhaps if I use the time I was spending blogging to knit I’ll be able to finish up some of them. Although between that and the bread baking, my relatives are going to have serious flashbacks to what it was like to have my mother in residence. Perhaps I’ll just buy the store-bought rolls and call it a day.