Anyone Ravelry folks out there interested in creating a ravelympics team with me?  I cannot promise to be a fabulous competitor as I will be on vacation during the Olympics, but then again I will beo n vacation with Nana and my sister, who are both knitting fiends, and my husband and brother-in-law, who I am sure will be glued to the Olympics every evening and I have a know history of getting sucked into the Olympics and staying up to all hours to see the most obscure events just because.  At about age 12 I actually cried hysterically during the closing ceremonies because I was so distraught over my daily summer addiction ending.

Anywhoo, if you are interested, let me know.  I was actually thinking about doing the WIP Wrestling event to try and finish up my languishing projects, but cold be talked into the Holiday Handball as I just came up with a fabulous idea for a knitted advent calendar (Well, OK, I saw a poorly done version in a catalog and thought ” I can do that SO much better” and then mentally committed myself to making one).

And if you are not yet a Ravelry member, I believe that the wait time is only about 3 days right now, so you would have time to join prior to the opening ceremonies!


Knit A Long Update

So those of you who are interested can head on over to the knit-a-long blog, where an interesting discussion is already underway, even though there is no pattern yet.

Decisions Decisions

OK, so I’m going to give you all some felted bag choices. I am all about democracy here. Except I have a favorite, which I’m not telling you, and if it’s close we’re going with it. Because it’s my party and I can choose if I want to :-). Kidding (sort of).

Drum roll please!!!!

First up, Amanda’s Squatty Side Kick.

Next up, the Carried-Away Felted Bag. (requires getting your hands on the book).

Finally, the Sophie Bag. As recommended by Stephanie.

Comments close whenever enough of you chime in. Or sometime next week when I get itchy for closure…

And the winner is….

A felted bag! If you are interested in knitting along, I’ve set up a separate blog and will give anyone who is knitting access to it. So email me if you are interested and I’ll figure out how to set that up. I am searching for a pattern tonight, right after I plan the Sunday School lesson for tomorrow.

Knit a long

OK, so I promised a knit-a-long in the New Year, and a knit-a-long you shall have! But I need some guidance. So here is a short poll. If you pick other, please indicate what the “other” is in the comments. I’ve set it up so you can vote more than once if you would be interested in more than one project, but please don’t vote 17 times for one project (I know y’all, you wouldn’t do that, right???).

Once the general project type is picked, I will find us a very cool pattern. I promise!

PS: Feel free to tell others to come vote. I’m probably going to set up a separate group blog, unless everyone is on Ravelry, which I doubt.

Another giveaway! For YARN!!!

Knitting Daily is giving away a gift certificate to your local yarn shop for $300 of yarn. Or $200, or $100. Go now! I have already mentally spent MY winnings. Ah, that yummy Alpaca I saw just last week. You are mine (I hope)!!!!!!!!

And thus ends the month of November. Hallelujah.

Knitting diet week 3

Projects knit – 1 shawl and 1/4 or a hat (pictures to come later when I have access to a card reader).

Pounds lost – 2

Are you seeing a trend here? Me too. I have two more holiday gifts to finish, then I am going to give the tilted duster a try. The yarn for it should be arriving early next week. M says that the knitting diet might end up being the most expensive weight-loss tool out there, given my love of soft and yummy yarn.

And in January I think we should have a knit-a-long. Because I’ve always wanted to do one but am too shy to break into someone else’s. I think I have enough knitting readers to make it fun. So if you’re interested, chime in on what you would be interested in knitting. And lurkers who knit, this means you too. Because if I’m throwing a shy gals knit-a-long, then it’s your chance to enjoy one too…

The knitting diet week two

Projects completed (or even started): none.

Weight lost: none.

I think there might be something to this diet after all. I figure next week is probably a total wash since it will be Thanksgiving and I won’t be able to make it to the gym at all, or even walk C to school because of the forcasted downpour both Monday and Tuesday.

Regardless, I do need to make a decision about what to make next. I’ve tried casting on a pair of mittens a few times, and have had limited success. Perhaps I will try again this morning, and revert back to my standard cast-on instead of the new one suggested by the pattern.

The Knitting Diet: Week One

Week one of the knitting diet: down two pounds, up one Nomad Hat.

Except I’m pretty sure I erased that two pound loss this weekend. Ah, sushi, how I love thee…

The day that got away

Today was a day that I should have gotten much accomplished. We had nothing to do besides get C to and from school and feed a classmate of C’s lunch. I had a list a mile long of things to do around the house: vacuum the kitchen rug, sort through the beginnings of Christmas in the guest room, finish putting the garden to bed. And what I got accomplished? Nothing. The lunch/playdate did not go as well as anticipated and on top of that, A was distraught about being excluded from said playdate, so I spend the early afternoon playing princess and wedding while refereeing two kindergarteners who should really know how to play store on their own.

Once the playdate decided that his time here was over we walked him home and then came back. I had all intentions of starting in on my list, but then I got a phone call from a friend I hadn’t talked to in ages and after I hung up with her I decided to wash all the comforter covers (which was no where on the list). That turned into a romp in the basement with the children in an ongoing attempt to convince the kids that the basement is fun and exciting and where they should play all. the. time. instead of treking the toys from the basement to the living room and then leaving them there.

Once I had the kids installed downstairs, I headed upstairs with all intentions of vacuuming the kitchen rug, but then saw I had messed up the pattern in my new knitting project and started ripping that out. I got it ripped out, but then the kids decided that the basement was not all that I had promised it would be so we headed out to the yard to work on the beds. But it was “too cold” so we quickly headed back in and then got sidetracked by snack. Ahh, snack.

So instead of eating snack, I quickly turned to my knitting. And then it was time to watch shows and I kept knitting. Then dinner, bath, and bed, with none of my to do list accomplished. But I did get this far on my new project…

and now my sushi is here, and the knitting diet is about to head out the window for the evening. Happy Friday!