Overheard on Santa’s Lap

Santa: And what would you like for Christmas this year?

A: Magic.


Overheard at Dinner

Chichimama: “8-12 inches of snow!!!”
M: “I have no idea what you are talking about. I see no snow on my weather app.”
Chichimama: “Look! Right here!”
M: (Looking at forecast) “That is NOT at ALL what my Weather Channel says, see…oh. Hmm.”
Chichimama: “What?”
M: “Ah, well, apparently my location is still set to Chicago. No snow there!”
Chichimama: “Well, there you go then.”

Because Life Doesn’t Really Work Out as Planned

While I am basically done with my job, less than a week after handing over the reins to my successor, my father was diagnosed with cancer and my mother drove off the road a mile from home and wrapped her car around a tree.  She is thankfully fine, and I think my father will be as well.  But it has been a rather stressful 48 hours, and my grand plans of resuming my blog writing have been put on hold temporarily.

So, in lieu of a real post, I give the following “overheard” conversation with C.

C (after waking up the morning after a sitter had been here for 6 hours the night before): “Did you get a good report from Favorite Sitter?”

Chichimama: “Um, not particularly.  She said you were difficult.”


Chichimama: “Were you?”

C: “Well, that kind of depends on your definition of the word difficult I suppose.”

Chichimama: “Ah.  Well, my definition in this instance is ‘Did Favorite Sitter have to yell at you?'”

C: “Well, if you are using THAT definition, then yes.”

Chichimama: “And which definition should I use if the answer were to be no?”

C: “I’ll have to get back to you on that one.”

Overheard on the way home from school

C: “Oh no!!!  I forgot it!”

Chichimama: “Forgot what?”

C: “The permission slip you need to sign so I can go to college in January!*”

Cue hysterical laughter from Chichimama.

*As part of a special program C is participating in, they are taking the kids to a symposium of some sorts at the local community college.

Overheard at the Computer

C: “I am TRYING to enjoy my morning at the computer and SHE keeps BOTHERING me!  WHY can’t I have a little peace and quiet while I type, I ask you?”

Chichimama collapses on the floor laughing hysterically, as what goes around comes around apparently.

Overheard in the Hallway

A: “I am NOT a space invader!”

Chichimama: “Huh?  I would hope not!  I think all of my children are human, last time I checked anyway.”

A: “Not THAT kind of space invader, a space invader on the RUG kind of space invader.”

Chichimama:  “Ah.  Well, that is a good thing as well.”

Overheard in the Kitchen

C: “Happy Birthday Mom!”

A: “Yeah, Happy Birthday!  How old are you, 78?”

C: “No A!  She’s 48!”

Chichimama: “My GOD, please don’t make this any worse than it needs to be!  I’m 29!”

C: “Really?  Cause Mrs. H is 29 and she seems a lot younger than you.”

Chichimama: “OK, fine.  I’m not 29.  But I’m not 48 either…”

C: “Oh, sorry, 47 then.”

Chichimama: “Clearly I need to start wearing sunscreen more often…”

Overheard at dinner

A: “Do you believe that when you die you go down to heaven with God?”

Chichimama: “Up in heaven you mean.”

A: “No, DOWN in heaven.  Your body gets buried in the ground, so God is DOWN, not up.”

Chichimama: “Um, well, that would make sense, wouldn’t it, but most people think that heaven is up.”

A: “Well, I think its down.  It makes more sense.”

Chichimama: “I can’t argue with that.”

Overheard at the Doctor’s

Chichimama: “C, a friend invited you over tomorrow, why don’t you do that instead of coming to Dr. S’s for A’s checkup?”

C: “Oh no!  I HAVE to go to A’s appointment.”

Chichimama: “Um, OK.  What ever floats your boat dude.  I thought playing with a friend would beat sitting at the doctor’s, but what do I know?”

The next day, as A is sitting waiting for the nurse to come in to administer shots…

A: “I’m NOT going to cry.”

C: “Remember, you can hug Turtley.”

Chichimama (to herself): “Aw, how sweet!  He wanted to come and make sure she was OK with the shots.”

The nurse comes in with the shots.  C stares intently at A.  A takes the first one with nary a whimper.  The second one she whimpers but doesn’t cry.  The third one and she starts wailing.  C sits back in his chair, and then as soon as A is off the table he jumps up and puts his arm around her.

Chichimama: “Again, so cute!”

C: “You cried.”

A: “I KNOW.”

C: “I win the bet.  No gummy bracelet for you.”

A: “I KNOW.”

So much for the sibling love.

Overheard at the Breakfast Bar

C: “I wanted the purple vitamin!”

Chichimama: “You get what you get and you don’t get upset.”

C: “Yeah, only I AM upset.”