Life List

run a 5K/bake my way through The Bread Baker’s Apprentice/knit through my stash/find a signature cocktail/see the penguins, in Antarctica/dance at my children’s weddings/watch all the Harry Potter movies back to back/play in a golf tournament/spend a year living at the beach/organize our digital photographs/own a pair of really fabulous shoes/write a book/visit San Francisco/hike the Appalachian Trail/run a winery/plant a beautiful garden/sail through Glacier Bay/learn how to blow dry my hair like my stylist does/work at the Museum of Natural History/learn how to accept a compliment/make a difference in someone’s life/bake a pumpkin cheesecake/see the Grand Canyon/learn how to polish my own nails/organize my iPhone apps logically/create the ultimate Christmas playlist/get certified to teach Pilates/do a back bend and a split/renovate my kitchen/have a laundry room off the kitchen/

To be continued…