Overheard while looking at pictures

A: “I LOVED my bouncy seat, didn’t I!”

Chichimama: “Um, why do you say that?”

A: “Because in all the pictures of me as a baby I am sitting in it!  I never wanted to get out of it, did i?”

Chichimama: “Um, yeah.  Something like that…”

About five minutes later…

A: “I wore my pajamas a lot when I was a baby, didn’t I.”

Chichimama: “Yep.  You sure did.”


Thanksgiving Traditions

Most folks have family traditions like writing down three things they are thankful for and reading them out loud before dinner, or eating sweet potato pie until they turn orange.  Here at Chez J-E, our tradition is that someone is always sick.  True to form, A woke up at 6am this morning complaining that her stomach hurt, and then proceeded to puke all over her bed (I am giving thanks right now for the fact that she didn’t puke all over me as I was lying next to her).

After our last bout with A and the puking, I am a bit panicked that she has somehow managed to get reinfected with the parasite, but keep telling myself that I KNOW that the stomach flu is going through town.  I guess only time will tell, but it is taking everything in my power to keep from running straight to the doctor’s and insisting on having her tested right.now.

While we will not be making our pilgramage into the city to see M’s sister today (or, at least the kids and I will not), it remains to be seen whether we will be able to head up the Eastern Seaboard tomorrow for my family’s Day after Thanksgiving Feast.  And I have to say, if we don’t have to take any of the roads to hell,  I won’t shed too many tears.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!


Today A brought home a big bag of artwork of all the “fall themed” things.  Pumpkins and turkeys and beaded necklaces.  At the bottom of the bag was her “I am thankful for” cornucopia.  When C was in this class, he was thankful for mini-pankcakes, TV, and soy milk.  A?  “I am thankful for my brother, because he is my friend.”

It makes all the sibling rivalry/bickering nonsense worth it.  I think.


We’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch here at Chez J-E.  Or, should I say that the kids are.  The whining had reached levels not generally seen until mid-January sometime, and the temper tantrums harken back to the 2-year old fits of yore.  As I write this, screams are eminating from the dining room where some serious tinkertoy building is taking place.  I am choosing to ignore it, as at least they aren’t screaming at me, but I am thinking that all I really want for Christmas is a pair of ear plugs.  You think I am kidding?  Not really.  Santa, take note.

I’m in uncharted waters in the parenting arena right now.  I have tried rewarding good behavior and ignoring the bad.  I have tried reasoning, punishing, walking away, screaming, nothing seems to work.  And I am so very, very tired of it all.  Tired of picking C up from school every day and having him scream at me because the sun is shining.  Tired of having A chuck her toys across the room when I ask her to clean up.  Tired of both children stomping their feet and throwing themselves on the ground when things don’t go their way.  Tired of trying to figure out what has changed to make them turn into these children I do not recognize.

I want my children back please.  If you see them, please tell them I miss them and then send them along home.


I still haven’t decided whether I am doing NaBloPoMo this year, my guess would be no since I forgot it was even November until 9:30 tonight.  But, since I have always been a girl who likes to keep her options open, “Look!  A post!  That a-way!”  Huh.  You missed it.  Too bad.  There is always next time…

In all seriousness, it has been A WEEKEND.  Deserving of capital letters.  Apparently two weeks of confinement have taken their toll on A and I, and we spent the day alternating between crying and stoping our feet.  Except for the lovely two hour break while watching High School Musical 3.  In my critical opinion, it was the worst of the three movies, but the kids adored it so what do I know.

Time flies

Remember this picture, just a few short months ago?  This is the picture from today.

Flying up and down the driveway with no fear.  Still in pink though.