Overheard at the Doctor’s

Chichimama: “C, a friend invited you over tomorrow, why don’t you do that instead of coming to Dr. S’s for A’s checkup?”

C: “Oh no!  I HAVE to go to A’s appointment.”

Chichimama: “Um, OK.  What ever floats your boat dude.  I thought playing with a friend would beat sitting at the doctor’s, but what do I know?”

The next day, as A is sitting waiting for the nurse to come in to administer shots…

A: “I’m NOT going to cry.”

C: “Remember, you can hug Turtley.”

Chichimama (to herself): “Aw, how sweet!  He wanted to come and make sure she was OK with the shots.”

The nurse comes in with the shots.  C stares intently at A.  A takes the first one with nary a whimper.  The second one she whimpers but doesn’t cry.  The third one and she starts wailing.  C sits back in his chair, and then as soon as A is off the table he jumps up and puts his arm around her.

Chichimama: “Again, so cute!”

C: “You cried.”

A: “I KNOW.”

C: “I win the bet.  No gummy bracelet for you.”

A: “I KNOW.”

So much for the sibling love.