An End of Year Knitting Round Up

My knitting has been haphazard of late, but here is a round up of what I knit for the various teachers this year.  Thanks to a maternity leave, speech therapy, and C’s “Tuesday Class,” the kids have six teachers (not counting the music teacher, the gym teacher, etc, who just lost out on hand knit gifts this year).  Only five of them got pre-New Years holiday gifts, hopefully the sixth will be finished by the time school starts again next week.  All the links are Ravelry links, if you aren’t on Ravelry and want more info on the pattern let me know, I think most of them can be found without a Ravelry account, I am just too lazy to track them down unless I need to!!!  The photos are ehh at best, it was a last minute photo shoot minutes before the gifts were whisked into bags and delivered to school.


A Quick Winter Hood


A Lifted Stitch Scarf

A Just Enough Ruffles Scarf

A Robin’s Egg Blue Hat (A special note for Jody, I happen to know this particular teacher is a hat person :-).  Everyone else got scarves though thanks to your sage advice!).

A Warmer Republic


Overheard on the way home from school

C: “Oh no!!!  I forgot it!”

Chichimama: “Forgot what?”

C: “The permission slip you need to sign so I can go to college in January!*”

Cue hysterical laughter from Chichimama.

*As part of a special program C is participating in, they are taking the kids to a symposium of some sorts at the local community college.