Summer Goals Update

OK, I know I still have just about two weeks until the kiddos head back to school, but I am in Fall mode already, so figured I should update the progress on my summer goals.

  • De-paper the guest room. I made a dent.  I still haven’t tackled the box of papers from college, or the boxes containing the kids “keep” items, but I did sort through all my work/volunteer files.  Grade: B-
  • Clear out the too small dress up clothes. It is on deck for tomorrow while the dog is at the vet’s for his “procedure.”  Grade: Incomplete.
  • Find a good home for many, many boxes of books. I sorted many, many boxes.  They are now awaiting delivery to the church book sale this fall.  Grade: A-
  • Deal with the basement shelves. Didn’t touch this one, and have no plans to do so.  Mainly because I just can’t face disposing of the old paint cans and batteries.  Grade: F
  • Knit. I knit very little this summer.  But I did sort through the stash a bit, and bagged up some of the yarn I know I will never ever knit with to donate.  Grade: D

In procrastinating my actual to-do list, I also accomplished the following:

  • Cleaned out the art closet and labeled the bins.  An annual pre-school ritual around here.
  • Cleaned out the upstairs game closet.
  • Found space in the back hall closet for the dog’s supplies.
  • Sorted through my t-shirt drawer and got rid of all the stained, torn, and over-worn items (and then proceeded to Target to replenish my supply as there was nothing left).
  • Helped the kids clean out their closets and stuffed animal bins.
  • Emptied out all the baskets in the living room.  The things that were found in there?  Christmas ornaments that have been missing since we lived in the City (8 years ago).  C’s missing kindergarten homework (he is now entering 3rd grade).  Lazy Cat’s favorite plush mouse (which she is apparently too old to play with now).  Pictures, pictures, and more pictures.  Magazines, magazines, and more magazines.

And, now, the kids’ five minutes of peaceful play has turned into a full-on brawl in the playroom.  Do you think I could send them to school early and call them interns?


On Vay-kay-chi-on

We made it to our final destination, cargo bag intact.  Unfortunately, while the cargo bag stayed put, it was in fact not waterproof as advertised.  We discovered this as the instant I hit the MA border, the heavens opened and it poured.  All the way to the NH border, where the weather magically improved.  The only things damaged in the deluge?  My year-long magazine collection and my clothes.  Thankfully, M had the sense to put my knitting in the car, so I didn’t end up with a bag full of felt.

The kids have fallen right back in with their summer friends, disappearing for the morning at tennis and various other activities and spending the afternoon running from one family’s beach encampment to another’s.  I have gotten 3/4 of the way through my waterlogged magazine collection, and finished the back of my cardigan.  The weather has been beautiful, not too hot and not too cold.

Added bonus: Right now everyone, including the dog, is fast asleep.  At 1:20 in the afternoon.  Do you think I can stay on vacation permanently?